Introducing: C-Suite Blueprint


You keep running out and buying more software to solve your problems… then more software to solve the new problems you’ve created. 

New problems; new software. Sound familiar?

We call it Death by a Thousand Band-aids — and it’s time we put an end to it.

That’s why here at Intevity, we’re excited to announce a new show, C-Suite Blueprint, helping you avoid the pitfalls of digital transformation and make technology work for you.

In this trailer episode, Producer Jay Alford interviews your host, George Jagodzinski Managing Partner at Intevity .

Join George and Jay to learn more about:

  • Our guests: experienced leaders from the trenches who are getting stuff done
  • Our themes: digital transformation (beyond the buzzword), balancing tactics and strategy, and so much more
  • Our audience: executives like you who want to unlock the power of technology — without the headaches that too often come along for the ride

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You're listening to see sweet blueprint, the show for sea sweet leaders. Here we discussed no byes, approaches to organizational readiness and digital transformation. Let's start the show. Hello and welcome to the introductory episode of Sea Sweet Blueprint. I'm Jordan Alfred, one of the producers of the show. We're here today with George Jakazinski, managing partner at intivity. George, thanks so much for joining me. How's it going today? It's going very well. Thank you, Jordan. How you doing? I'm doing good, good to have here. Okay, well, before we jump into the topic of today, I'd like to start with the question to provide value to our audience at the beginning of the episode and, you know, just help them understand you as a person a little bit better. So what is something that you are passionate about that those who only know you from work may be surprised to learn? I am very passionate about slow cooking food, about you know, whether it's smoking brisket or really like braising some some meat in the oven. I just get...

...very, very passionate about I think the food that takes a long time to cook is just magic. Yes, so do you use them like a crock pot. Often I do. Yeah, I have less. I have a whole set of LEC cruze that I use my oven and I have a big green egg for smoking. I I get really into the gear as well as just the the whole activity. That is nice and I need to get my cooking skills up and I need to come over and have you, you know, make sure I get some good food. So funny, so funny. Well, George, to give our listeners a little bit more context, the gold this episode is to share what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jump into that, George, tell us a little bit more about yourself in the work that you're doing at intivity. Sure. So, I live outside of Boston. I've been working in software for over twenty years. I really got involved during that firstcom boom and throughout the years I've been working in it. At the beginning it seemed like software was magic and it was helping, it was helping move things forward, and over the years I've just seen technology and software it's starting to just get in the...

...way and we really believe that technology should serve the vision, not set it, and not get in the way and so we serve as a digital consultancy that we help clients across many different industries kind of get technology out of the way, you know, whether it's building software, implementing software or incorporating into the strategy, we kind of help them weave it into their their whole DNA like bionics, rather than this this barrier that gets in their way of their strategy. Nice. Nice. So, you know, I'm sure the team at intivity is very busy. Why did you guys decide to even start this podcast? Well, we decided to start the podcast because I find we work with so many executives and they all seem frustrated and a little bit alone. You know, all of them seem like they're scaling the mountain for the first time and there's too many buzz words that are out there. You know, digital transformation is this nonsense phase that gets spun around in a nonsense Tornado of other nonsense words, but it applies to a real problem, space that is really meaningful that the people have to struggle with, and we just we want... get some real stories from the trenches out there to help these executives, you know, find a better path forward and have a little bit of a blueprint for how do I navigate all of the various, you know, challenges and opportunities within the digital landscape. I love that. So let's unpack that a bit. So you talked about, you know, digital transformation being a hot buzz word. But you know what's something else that you passionately disagree with in this space, or you at the team at intevity passionately disagree with that you might be unpacking on the show. I think what we disagree with it's not always about just buying more software to fix the problem. We have this concept that we've seen play out far too many times that we call death by a thousand band AIDS. You keep running into these challenges, so you get more software. Another challenge, more software, and now you're just covered in bandaids and you haven't solved any of the root problems that are that are underneath, that are causing those issues. And you know, I can't tell you how many times that I've gone to a conference with the client and a software vendors explain to them all these magical things that their platform can do. But...

...this executive at first are excited, but then, as we're they're going home. They're like, Oh man, we're just stuck in all these tactical problems. You know, I don't know how we'll ever get there and I think that you need to. You know, those software platforms are great and you can accomplish a lot, but there's just this balance between tactics and strategy and solving root problems. It needs to be done. Absolutely. I love it. So, George, what can listeners expect to hear when they listen to each episode? So in each episode, I think what you hear is is there's a nobs approach to this. You know, it's stories with people in the trenches getting stuff done, the people who are constantly battling tactic strategy and how do I move things forward and and so we're going to be talking to people that have have gone through it and are currently going through it and have been solving things with craftsmanship and with pragmatism. And it's going to be ECLECTIC. You know, we are lucky enough that we work across government, commercial and even within the commercial we work across BEVALC, healthcare, biotech, and you're going to hear, I think, while they're have a unique perspective from...

...their industry, you're going to hear a lot of commonalities in there that I hope makes people not feel so alone and the challenges that they're dealing with. Well, George, thank you so much for being here. How could listeners connect with you in case they have any ideas for, you know, future episode topics or guess that they that they think that you should feature on the show? Sure they could just reach out to me at George ad in Tivitycom and happy to incorporate topics. New guests are very excited to connect with folks. Awesome. Well, I'm really excited about this show. I think it's going to provide a lot of value to your audience. Before we head out, George, what's a main takeaway or piece of advice that you would like to leave with the audience today? I think you need to work with people that you enjoy, and that doesn't just apply within your organization. I think it needs to extend to any of the vendors and partners that you work with externally. And you know, we are very careful about the work that we take on and I advise all of our clients that they need to be very careful about the partners that they bring on that there's a culture and a value...

...alignment, not just about the expertise and their their qualifications. Wow, I absolutely love that, George. I think that the idea behind right people, right see absolutely applies to right partner and making sure that they align with your values. So that's amazing what you're doing. Well, that reps it up for our introductory episode. Again, George, thank you so much for being here with me today and to our listeners, make sure you come back and tune into episode one of see sweet blueprint. Thank you, Jordan. You've been listening to see sweet blueprint. If you like what you've heard, be sure to hit subscribe wherever you get your podcast to make sure you never miss a new episode. And why are there? We'd love it if you could leave a rating. Just give us however many stars you think you deserve. Until next time.

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